Monday, December 31, 2007

Ringing in the New Year - Des Moines style?

I ring in the New Year, Gentle Reader, from a Days Inn in Des Moines, Iowa, not too far from the campaign headquarters of Romney for President (or "RFP" among the cool kids). New Year's Eve 2007 will rank among the least interesting of the last 29 I've celebrated, as I'm just going to bed early after a long day of travel. A plane delay in Detroit successfully prevented me from getting here early enough to do anything more celebratory. (Curses!)

This is a picture from the Detroit airport. As I walked through this section, I felt I was in "Logan's Run."

When I arrived at the hotel in Des Moines, after sharing a cap with a friendly Hucakbee for President staffer, I hadn't the energy to go out to find dinner. So my evening meal consisted of whatever comestibles I could scrounge: 1) a cup of cornflakes from the customary breakfast bar, 2) three Salted Nut Rolls (the only item that would function in the vending machine, and 3) an apple I'd brought from home.

Oh yes. To maintain the political integrity of the blog, allow me to post a YouTube clip I was emailed today about JFK talking about the Mormon Pioneers. Excelsior!


Emily said...

I was feeling sick on New Year's Eve and was asleep before 11. It was the coldest night of the year in Heber.
Loved the JFK clip.
Nice dinner. Nut rolls, gag.

michelango said...

i like the picture at dtw.


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