Wednesday, January 2, 2008

All Caucus Eve

While technically every nanosecond of time becomes a moment of history as soon as it elapses, there are certain times that feel, for lack of a better phrase, more historic than others. Surely the eve of the Iowa caucus in a primary season which is wide open qualifies as such a time.

Tonight Mitt spoke to his supports on this All Caucus Eve here in Des Moines.

Again, sorry I didn't bring my real camera today. I promise to tomorrow.)

Mitt was introduced tonight by Olympic gold medal-winning speed skater Dan Jansen, who told us he knew that the 2002 Olympics would be successful as soon as he met Mitt. For himself, the former SLOC President expressed considerable modesty about his Olympic legacy. He asked the crowd, "Did I turn around the Olympics singlehandedly? No! Of course I didn't," but he explained that he knew how to bring together and organize the people who turned the Games around.

Romney likewise touted his success in the private sector - 25 years as a world-class (my term) financier and manager - as one of the attributes that makes him most qualified to lead the country. He also shared a tender moment from his time as governor when he was asked to meet a Massachusetts soldier at the airport who was returning home from Iraq -- but not as a passenger, in a coffin. Romney talked about his family and introduced all of his wife, sons, and daughters-in-law to the crowd. He shared his father's rags to riches story. He told us that, contrary to what some $400 haircut candidates says, there aren't two Americas, there's one America: Southern values are the same as Yankee values, which are the same as Midwest values, and so forth -- values like hard work, faith, commitment to family, and love of this country.

He finished by telling the crowd, "I'm asking for your help and your hands and your vote." Then he joked, "And if you can, vote multiple times."

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Ben said...

Keep up the good work. I'm pulling for you back here in DC. And good luck getting that photo!



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