Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MLK Day in the Luray

Greetings, Gentle Reader,

I have not updated said blog for a while. It saddens me. This last weekend, the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, I had planned on spending my three-day weekend in South Carolina to campaign for Mitt. But that would have been, like, a 12 hour bus ride one way and that seemed like a lot of effort for very little pay-off, especially since the primary was on Saturday, so having another two days to spend there would have been reasonably moot.

Instead I went to the Luray Caverns with some friends of mine. I supported Gov. Romney's bid by visiting the largest caves in the commonwealth of Virginia.

This is a picture of a positively breath-taking section of the cave interior. There's this pool of water, clear as glass, a veritable Mirrormere, that reflects the image of the stalactites. The picture does not do it justice, alas.

This is yours truly toward the end of the cave experience.

Would my MLKJ Day have been better spent elsewhere, in the service of Mitt? Perhaps, but in another, more accurate way, I think I can help Mitt better by maintaining a well-recreated persona and an extremely casual blog.

Moreover, on the way there, my friend Maria made us repeatedly listen to this delightful piece of Latin invasion music. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I love Juanes! The album this song is on was the best album for the latin grammys that year. He had a new album come out in 2007. Yeah, way more info on Juanes than you wanted and no politics. Sorry.

Emily said...

Caves rock.


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