Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Phone Blitzkrieg

With the dawn of the new year, so too comes intensified efforts for capturing the Iowa caucus. Today my contribution to Gov. Romney’s campaign was calling dozens upon dozens of people in the greater Des Moines area to invite them to attend their caucus on Thursday night and vote for Mitt.

I must say that, as a people, the Iowans are remarkably patient with phone calls from Presidential campaigns. In a season such as this, these folks doubtlessly get pounded relentlessly with political phone calls. What surprises me is how cheerfully they receive said calls. Most of the people I spoke to today were good natured, eager to talk, and remarkably open to political pitches from complete strangers. It’s as though they understand the mantle that they carry as Iowans in making the first lever-pull of the Presidential season. The eyes of the nation are upon them and they don’t seem to mind the attention.

Although many have already made up their minds, many Iowans made comments such as, “I don’t know who I’m supporting. I’ll make up my mind on Thursday, but thanks for the call.” Not one person I spoke to today rose the issue of Romney’s Mormon faith, but one person told me he supported the Governor because he wasn’t a Southern Evangelical. One woman told me she was still praying who to vote for. One person told me a political speech was like a big-horned bull: a point at one end and another point at the opposite end, and nothing but bull in between. And at one point today I think someone accidentally called me “Brother Whitley,” which made me grin.

Today’s phone blitzkrieg was a fun experience. My throat is a little sore and scratchy.

At least I didn’t have to spend much time out in the icy, frozen tundra of Iowa’s bleak midwinter, but I plan to on Wednesday or Thursday. I know many went door to door to augment the campaign’s phone outreach. I didn’t go door to door, but I plan to tomorrow or Thursday. I haven’t gone door to door for a while, but much like riding the proverbial bike, one imagine the skills come right back.

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Emily said...

One of my dad's favorite blogs is http://www.evangelicalsformitt.org/ I keep meaning to check it out, but I haven't yet.


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