Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Romney Loves America, But Amercia Just Wants to Be Friends

I am, by nature, a cautiously optimistic man. It takes more than a bloody nose to make me think I'm going to lose a fight.

(Although, to be fair, given my preternatural agility and Gaius Baltar-like sense of self-preservation, I probably would win the fight by running away.)

So when the former Governor of Massachusetts takes silver medals in Iowa and New Hampshire, I remained cautiously optimistic that he, as the best qualified person to lead the country, would overcome those two road bumps and still end up, y'know, leading the country.

He carried the torch for us; I still carry a torch for him.
(In a non-gay way, natch.)

Alas. Alas. Alas.

The situation does not look as bright for Mitt Romney in the post-Florida, pre-Super Tuesday world as it had if the Florida Republican Party were populated by fewer veterans and, say, more LDS venture capitalists.

Now, this is not the end for Gov. Romney. It might be the beginning of the end, but it is certainly not the end. I vividly recall in the 1992 campaign when, after a few losses, Bill Clinton declared that his campaign's situation was no "Kobayashi Maru" and that he still expected to win. (I don't know if Clinton actually said it, but I vaguely recall that he might have done. If any of you find hard evidence of such a speech on the Interweb, send me a link.)

I hope that Mitt Romney will soon be able to enjoy a victory similar to the one Bill Clinton predicted for himself in 1992. Despite the ravenous frenzy over Florida, let's remember the Chuck-a-rama-like buffet of delegates that candidates can gorge themselves on next Tuesday.

Certainly, McCain has an edge going into the fiesta of 21 state primaries, but Romney has a better national organization, more money, and a better haircut. I choose to remain cautiously optimistic.

However, if recent polling data is to be trusted, Mitt Romney could be conceding on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, despite the faith-in-every-footstep political hoop-dreams of the BYU College Republicans.

Next week, we might learn that, no matter how much Mitt Romney loves America, America might want to be just friends.

A situation we've all been in, to one extent or another, mate. But also one that totally, totally sucks.

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