Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCainiacs tremble?

According to the sleuthing at the NYT, McCain may or may not have had an affair with a lobbyist.

This is big news because if he's having trouble winning over a conservative Republican base, infidelity will not help him.


If only we Republicans had a candidate who'd been perfectly loyal to his wife of 38 years, his high school sweetheart? If only.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brickbreaker memories

A friend emailed me this today, outlining his glory on the game "Brickbreaker" on his Blackberry. Enjoy!

It was glorious, simply glorious. When I finished the U for the second time, I had 28310 points and, so much more importantly, TWENTY-TWO lives. Four levels later, I had 33500 points (surpassing my old record of 33170) and still had 19 lives. Then (you knew this was coming at some point), I hit those levels which provide only a few points and have loads of obstacles and weird angles, where there is only one specific way of getting through. All of those challenges magnify many, many, many times when the whole edifice descends. The next level, 34060 points and down to 12 lives. Then the game ended with 34400 points, having expending those 12 precious lives for just 340 additional points. But the experience was exhilarating, one which (as I am doing now) I can tell to the willing and impose upon the resistant.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

White Horse Put Out to Pasture

So when I went to CPAC today during my lunch break, I was expecting to hear Mitt Romney deliver a magnificent, rabble-rousing speech that electrified the conservative base and gave Republicans in subsequent primaries a wake-up call as to his unrepudiated, perfect-haired awesomeness.




I feel as though I have been left at the altar. By the entire country. The White Horse has been put to pasture.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mitt Takes Gold in Golden State

When I was a newspaper editor, one of my particular gifts was writing headlines. For example, I wrote a profile of a ski-slope reporter who had to get up ridiculously early (like 3:45 a.m.) to check the quality of the powder in Deer Valley. His name was Jim Miles. My headline? "Miles to Go Before I Sleep."

Headlines were the strawberries in my cream.

So I don't really write many headlines nowadays, but let me make a suggestion for tomorrow morning's LA Times:

"Mitt Takes Gold in Golden State."

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Super Tuesday

By nature, I am not a sports fan. If I'm going to have a sporting event on in the background, chances are it's for ironic value, or it's a Utah Jazz game and it's 1997.


Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and a guy in my ward invited me to a Super Bowl party, so of course I was going to attend. Granted, I spent most of the time reading a copy of "The Economist" and talking to friends about Super Tuesday, but still -- at least I was there.

So waking up this morning, I felt like I had done my due diligence as an American. I expected to get a recap of the game when I picked up my morning "Post Express" today, and I was a little disappointed that the editors of the front page had dedicated more space to what is essentially an ad for the Obama campaign than to the Super Bowl.

I do not usually go into the whole "liberal media" bashing that is extant amongst so many conservative bloggers. However, as a former journalist, I understand that some days, it's not a newspaper, it's a sportspaper. Monday after the Super Bowl is certainly one of those days. But the chowderheads who did the Post Express decided it was a better opportunity to blow yet ANOTHER kiss to a candidate who's high on bloviation, but low on substance.

I am astonished, and impressed, however, that The New York Times gave the right amount of front-page game v. campaign coverage.

(Of course, that may be because the Giants won, but I'll take it where I can get it.)

Friday, February 1, 2008

No Wisecrack Required

This is from today's New York Times from the Democratic debate last night.

If I were a really capable blogger, I'd have the music to REM's "Shiny Happy People" streaming right now. Alas that I am not that capable.


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