Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Abandon Reason for Madness?: A Descent Into Cyber-bullying

I confess that I am an avid fan of the online networking sensation Facebook. With my two worlds divided between Utah and D.C., and with the social over-stimulus of the Colonial singles ward, I simply need an electronic aide to help me keep track of every one in my life. I simply have too many casual acquaintances to keep track of without the Internet. (There I said it.)

I love Facebook so muc, though, that I can't understand why any of my Colonial singles ward friends would eschew it. Even my friends who are married and with children are on Facebook! Hamma mamma.

Yet there are those who hold out, despite my relentless testimony-bearing of the merits of Facebook. In response, I took my first dive into "cyber-bullying" and created a Facebook group that "So and so Must Join Facebook Now." Within a week, it had 20 members.

Cyber-bullying... Have I abandoned reason for madness?

1 comment:

Emily said...

I still like myspace better than facebook.


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