Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness

Anyone who reads this regularly or is remotely familiar with me knows that I am not a big sports fan.



March Madness.

Although I don't particularly care about the games, or even watch them if I can help it, I am the office March Madness fiend. If enthusiasm for bracketswere people, I'd be China.

I think that my love for March Madness starting in college. Again, not because I cared about college basketball, but because I felt like one of the "big kids" when the Chrony sports editor, Wally, invited me to participate in the paper's senior staff bracket competition. If memory serves, I did dreadful.

That love affair was rekindled recently, when I watched an episode of "The Office" where Kevin Malone references March Madness.

Go there you go. I always predict that
UNC will win, mainly because that's where a close relative went to grad school. Go Tar Heels!

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