Monday, January 19, 2009

Limousine liberals, record cold, and the Aircraft Formerly Known As Air Force One

There's a feeling in the air in the District of Colombia today: there are huge crowds of people walking the streets all dressed up, traffic delays, and a great sense of anticipation about the future. Seriously, I have not seen crowds this excited in town since the release of the last Harry Potter book.

Traffic in the District today isn't as bad as it was on Sunday. All the curious folks who want to catch a bit of the magic before the big day went in yesterday. Today, however, I saw a lot of limousines driving around downtown, no doubt big-time fundraisers, Hollywood celebrities, wealthy lawyers, and other limousine liberals who've had enough of poor people not getting their fair shake under the Republicans. (Do I need to add my HTML tags on that one, or is my tone pretty evident without it?)

Limousine liberals?

It's like a cross between the Fourth of July and Prom ... but much, much colder. The Washington area has experienced some shocking cold the last couple days: The Baltimore Sun reports that the temperature on Tuesday will be "10 degrees below the average high for the date" and that "visitors to Washington should be dressed for long hours in subfreezing cold."

See, those of us who are grateful to President Bush for standing up to the zealotry of the global warming crowd can't help but smirk that Barack Obama, the global warming President, will be sworn in before a group of freezing-cold people. I imagine that the speechwriters and policy folks have gone back and forth on weather (excuse me, whether) or not to make a big deal about global warming in his Inaugural Address. If he does, it could be an embarrassing continuation of the "Al Gore Effect," that is, global warming-themed events that coincide with extreme cold. There's a great editorial about it in The Chicago Daily Herald here.

I will not be venturing in to the Inauguration, not out of a sense of objection to the President-elect; Administration staffers, including myself, will be at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland waving goodbye to President and Mrs. Bush, who will depart on the Aircraft Formerly Known As Air Force One (since that designation is reserved for when the President flies on it, and Mr. Bush will no longer be President).

I'll post photos of that as soon as I get them (early Tuesday afternoon, by the time I make it back to my computer), so be sure to check in again later.

Bumper to bumper traffic along the DC Mall.

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