Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SCOOP: Finally Sarah Palin on "30 Rock"!

The funniest show on television right now is "30 Rock." (Or at least I assume it is, in that it's the only TV comedy I watch now that "The Office" isn't funny anymore.)

"30R" is not in the same league as "Seinfeld" or glory day "Simpsons," but it easily has the charm, wit, and - most importantly - potential that we haven't seen since "Arrested Development." But well beyond that, "30 Rock" has a momentum that "Arrested Development" didn't have, thanks to one woman: Sarah Palin.

To anyone who did not spend 2008 in a cave in Mars with their eyes shut and their ears plugged, Tina Fey changed the scope of the 2008 Presidential election with her impersonation of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.

Some of the highlights are on Hulu here, here, and here.

The phenomenal amount of attention Ms. Fey generated for her Palin-spiring performance has trickled down to her show, but at no point has there been reference to Gov. Palin on "30R."

Until last Thursday's episode. Check out this screenshot.

Note the picture of Alec Baldwin's character, Jack Donaghy - a big time Repub - standing next to the hottest governor from the coolest state. No doubt someone had the foresight to knips this picture when Sarah Palin guest starred on "Saturday Night Live" on October 18, 2008. (Watch that clip here.)

Anyway. I thought this was cool as I am a fan of both Republicanism and "30 Rock," and I was wondering when they'd finally pay homage to Tina Fey's stellar impersonation.

I also thought I'd scooped the Internet until I found this article just now. Frak! (I will point out, though, that my circling of the Palin picture is done much more attractively than the hack who wrote that entry for AOL news.)


Anonymous said...

HA! That's awesome. Good catch.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the photoshoping.

Emily said...

It's good to know that Churchill produced at least a few Arrested Development/30 Rock appreciators.


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