Friday, May 1, 2009

Great Politico story - Brother, can you spare a job?

Yesterday I was on Capitol Hill for an interview and some networking as I search for my next gig. I met with a friend from the White House who said, "Have you seen today's Politico?"

They story, available here, is about how the trifecta of the 1) slow economy, 2) loss of Congressional seats, and 3) loss of the White House, is making it difficult for ex-Bushies (such as myself) to land jobs in Washington, particularly political ones. The money quote is...

"The economic implosion that was largely an intellectual policy challenge inside the White House has abruptly become a harsh reality for Bush administration officials cast out of the bubble and back into the real world. To survive, they’re taking pay cuts, stepping down to state government work and even renting out their own homes to the ascendant Democrats."

Check it out...

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