Monday, August 31, 2009

Warchol Cites Kennedy Story!

So the bread and butter of blogging is individual page views, and the meat in the blogosphere sandwich is links from more successful blogs.

Here the Tribune's Glen Warchol cites my Kennedy story from Utah Policy. He wrote that my Hatch/Kennedy tribute was better than Hatch's Hatch/Kennedy tribute in Politico. Sorry, OGH.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

THAT is awesome! Congrats!

ivy said...

Way to go Jared!

Tony said...


Can you call me please to clarify something?

Anthony Schinella
Editor, Belmont Citizen Herald
9 Meriam St., Lexington, MA 02420


Jennifer Fox said...

I totally agree.

annie said...

woohoo! good work! (and it WAS a better tribute)

Emily said...

Since you won't let me comment on the previous article, I will do it here. The American version of The Office is so much better!


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