Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Low-down On the Mt. Vernon Mid-singles Institute

Tonight I attended the Mt. Vernon mid-singles institute where President Nixon announced the forthcoming creation of a mid-singles ward. The charter for this mid-singles ward had to be approved “personally” by the First Presidency, which has approved only one other mid-singles ward in the last 10 years. Several years ago, the stake presidency petitioned to create this ward and it was rejected by the First Presidency.

Here are the vital statistics:

Name: Potomac Singles Ward

Bishopric: Lew Larsen, Jeff Simmons, Rob Griffin

Location: Mt. Vernon ward until the Crystal City building is up and running

Boundaries: Mt. Vernon stake (though mid-singles from outside the stake are welcome)

Age range: 31 to 55 (he said “What I don’t want is grandfathers hitting on 31 year old sisters”)

Projected population: 260, though the total mid-singles population in Mt. Vernon is 800

Time: 3 p.m.

Start date: Jan. 10, 2010

He said the goal was to create an “environment for courtship, but not be obsessive about it.” He said that mid-singles are welcome to stay in the family wards where they currently worship and that the ward is “not going to draft like the NFL,” and added, “What we don’t want is for you to be lost in the family ward.” Someone asked if there would be a primary for those mid-singles with children (from previous marriages); the answer was no.

Bishop Larsen spoke as well, and said that “singles need more options, not less.”


Marti said...

Good job. Thanks for posting this. If you come up with other stuff that was said, I'm sure we'd all like to know it.

But good job.

Paladin said...

A few amendments/clarifications, if I may:

Singles from outside the stake can attend the new ward, but they cannot become members. Pres. Nixon mentioned that they will work toward a similar arrangement with Annandale stake as exists with Colonial 2nd, but that's it.

There was a voice from the audience (presumably a executive secretary or something) correcting Pres. Nixon saying that 900 was the total over-30 singles population of the stake. The number is probably somewhere between 800-900.

And the true location is the "Mt. Vernon Building" instead of the "Mt. Vernon Ward", though I think everyone will know what you mean.

Heidi Quist said...

As amendment to the primary question--Pres. Nixon said that singles with children (whether they were married before or had children out of wedlock was not addressed), were welcome to attend the ward, and use the primaries and ym/yw programs in their home/family ward. The new building does not have facilities for the small primary classes.

juanita said...

thanks for sharing this info, I couldn't attend last night but it is good to know what transpired.

hydrochica said...

Hey Jared, Thanks! Good to know there are options beyond 30. haha. i may be joinin' in come Jan. 1!

Matt said...

Hey guys, the Midsingles Program Outline is now online detailing the Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward concept we have been doing here in California, and in other stakes in NoVa (DC) and in other parts of the world.


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