Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I remember when my brother Mark showed me this new website to look for stuff on the Internet. The Internet was still pretty wild west, and I felt reasonably cool to know about this new sheriff in town: Google.

Of course Google is now the most popular website in the world, and for someone to not know about it, they would have to have spent the last 10 years in a cave. With their eyes shut. And fingers in their ears. On Mars.

Anyway -- there's a cool article about Google over on It's really long, but here's this interesting time line from the article of Google's dominance:

[September 1997]

This search engine, which had run on Stanford’s servers for almost two years, is renamed Google. Its breakthrough innovation: ranking searches based on the number and quality of incoming links.

New algorithm
[August 2001]

The search algorithm is completely revamped to incorporate additional ranking criteria more easily.

Local connectivity analysis
[February 2003]

Google’s first patent is granted for this feature, which gives more weight to links from authoritative sites.

[Summer 2003]

This initiative allows Google to update its index constantly, instead of in big batches.

Personalized results
[June 2005]

Users can choose to let Google mine their own search behavior to provide individualized results.

[December 2005]

Engine update allows for more-comprehensive Web crawling.

Universal search
[May 2007]

Building on Image Search, Google News, and Book Search, the new Universal Search allows users to get links to any medium on the same results page.

Real-Time Search
[December 2009]

Displays results from Twitter and blogs as they are published.

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