Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garn But Not Forgotten

So given my passing interest in politics, I have found the recent events in my home state quite interesting, wherein no less that the majority leader of the Utah State House of Representatives, Kevin Garn, has resigned pursuant to disclosure of a small impropriety: a naked hot tub party with a 15 year old. He insists there was no touching, but his victim says otherwise in this SL Tribune article.

In his public remarks last week, he "I did not want to be publicly judged by one of my life's worst decisions."

Um ... oh you didn't, did you? Well what a surprise. I mean ... I wouldn't want to be judged by sexual abuse of a minor either, but ... if I were guilty of it ... I'd pretty much be stuck with that, wouldn't I? And what's he doing avoiding a superlative here: "ONE OF MY life's worst decisions"? He's done something else that's worse than the sexual abuse of a minor?

This guy had been her Sunday School teacher and is a former LDS bishop. The shame this brings to him, Republicans in Utah, and the LDS Church is depressing, but at least he's out of office now.


Emily said...


Jolee said...

I love that he denies that anything other than sitting nude together in a hottub happened... when given the choice, I would dare say that 9 out of 10 people who were sitting with a member of the opposite sex, naked, in a hot tub, would choose to fornicate with said person.
This guy must be a saint! ;)

Whitleypedia said...

I struggle with the implication that such, in and of itself, is reasonably innocent ... I mean, that act in and of itself was a product of months of, as child molesters call it, "grooming" beforehand and a not inconsiderable amount of pressure and deceit the night it occurred. If he'd taken a picture, it would have been child pornography.


He later served as a bishop.


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