Friday, July 30, 2010

Whitleypedia myth/fact

Whitleypedia is not awesomeWhitleypedia is indeed awesome
Whitleypedia causes cancerWhitleypedia does not cause cancer
Whitleypedia is a “gateway blog” to other, more dangerous blogsWhitleypedia is not a “gateway blog,” but a portal to a world of new information
Whitleypedia has jumped the sharkThe expression “jump the shark” has jumped the shark


Mary said...

ok, first of all... i hope your blog is a gateway to mine... now, on to a less self-centric matter: the phrase "jump the shark" is so over used, its like everyone out there just is afraid of being left behind when they still like a show, but its popularity/trend is wearing off.

(post script: a blog phrase that is SO overused is "over the moon". every hipster out there with a blog to share their people who can only hope to be as obscure as them... anyway, everything they love they are "over the moon" about. its stupid. no one says that in real life. even those damn hipsters.

Whitleypedia said...

Wow. You're really ... well ... the thing is ... Mary, see ... you're doin' stuff.


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