Friday, October 15, 2010

Captain Poll...

Poll on

Now I know that online polling of this kind is hardly scientific, but it does prove a point I made last month - that Trek fans like Picard better than Kirk (or at least certainly Stewart better than Shatner).

Note this other poll:

What is your favorite Star Trek series?
  1. The Original Series - 89 (28%)
  2. The Animated Series - 2 (1%)
  3. The Next Generation - 81 (25%)
  4. Deep Space Nine - 76 (24%)
  5. Voyager - 51 (16%)
  6. Enterprise - 22 (7%)

TNG, DS9, and TOS are all in essentially a dead heat. The numbers for VOY, ENT, and TOS line up almost exactly with the popularity of their respective captains, but TNG takes a nosedive and DS9 soars over Sisko's ratings.

What will marketers do with this? Find some way to get Patrick Stewart into "Star Trek 12." ... Frankly I wish that Stewart had been cast as Sarek in "ST11," but that may have been too distracting from the new crew.

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