Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday shows recap 11/18

Greetings friends of the Interwebs. Here's my recap of our Thursday-night shows.

No. 1 The Office ""

I confess that this one had won before it even aired. References to "wuphf-ing" something are made on a semi-weekly basis in my office. This episode didn't disappoint though, effectively juggling four different stories (WUPHF, Jim's commission issue, Dwight's hay-play, and Angela's contract business). This episode is another in a long line of shows indicating how well the writers have grown the characters, featuring a particularly poignant scene where Pam tells Michael that Ryan doesn't really like him.

See, two years ago, Pam wouldn't have cared. But through everything - dating her mom, coming to her art show, helping them with the baby, the Michael Scott Paper Company - Pam has come to genuinely care about Michael.

Also, I'm glad they finally dropped the "intercourse contract" issue with Angela and Dwight. It was funny at first, but it got played pretty quickly.

No. 2 Community "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design"

This episode was enjoyable, and shows how popular the Dean character is: his role in this episode is bigger than everyone else's except Annie and Jeff. If Community makes it to season 3, I predict the Dean moving up to main cast. Clever spoofing of conspiracy movies, great cinematography, and great twist-within-twists at the end.

No. 3 30 Rock "College"

This episode was OK. While it gave Tina Fey a great opportunity to shine as a nerd-trying-to-be-cool-until-she-realizes-she's-a-nerd, there was still too much absurdism in the episode. "30 Rock" always works better when the comedy is understated rather than over the top. The throwaway referencs to the "puridonil cyst" or whatever was funny though.

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