Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Urban Hike Through New York City

Recently I participated in an “urban hike” through New York City with my brother and his scout troop. One of the scouts was turning 18 and his departing wish was such an excursion.

Given that it was the first nice day of the season, it was ridiculously crowded. We visited various historical places, including the pizza shop from “Spider-man 2”...

"What's up with you, Parker, you're always late?"

...and that one park where there’s that big arch. There were these acrobatic break-dance street performers there.

They were entertaining, but what was more entertaining were this nearby group of “Sex and the City” wannabe hangers-ons who said things like “Denim’s really in this year!” and argued about who got to be the White Queen at some stupid party that night. Very amusing.

You're probably not going to find a "People with AIDS Plaza"
anytime soon in Salt Lake City

Now I understand the infectious enthusiasm that exists in a place that gets as much attention as NYC -- I feel it to a degree in D.C. But my problem is I feel that everyone in New York is playing a character because their perception of themselves and their city is so informed by the over-saturation of pop culture on the subject. And I also feel that everyone lies to themselves about how much fun they're having while they're "doing New York." It's like that "30 Rock" where Liz Lemon says "Why would anyone want to leave New York? It's the capital of the world!" and then a homeless man spits in her mouth and she decides to move to Cleveland. (Video is here; clip starts at 5:06. Sorry I didn't embed; I had too many photos to clog this up with another image.)

Engrish = funny

Here's the thing about NYC: I can understand (to some extent) the appeal of the city, in that there’s so much there, and there’s this idea of finding “great places” that are hidden from others. It’s like the Internet: the Internet is cool because you can find a fun website that nobody else has heard about and then it’s yours; this is one reason my cousins said Homestar Runner ceased to be cool 'round about 2004: it became big and lost its fringe, alternative cache.

Oooh -- biting social commentary!

But regardless, New York is crowded and smelly. Why would I care about finding "hidden" cappuccino or pizza places in a city so over-populated and filthy that you come home with an indefinable film all over your skin? Who cares if you find the coolest banana peel in the world at the garbage dump ... you're still at the garbage dump!

Maybe that's unfair of me ... maybe I'm just not cool enough for what Washington Irving nicknamed Gotham City ... or maybe one urban hike just isn't long enough to "do" New York!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

No wiki love?

Hey here's something crazy ... when you do a search for "Mike Lee," who's currently running in the Republican primary for Senate candidate in Utah, the second thing that comes up on a Google search is some guy's site using a profane word in his blog title.

Now it doesn't matter who you support in this race ... or even if you don't support anyone at all ... the important thing is when the good people of Utah want to research a candidate, they shouldn't have their eyes assaulted by some nut job whose blog is named "Mother - "effer" - Pack it in." The other irritating thing is that blog hasn't been updated since March '09!

See in my perfect world, the second entry for "Mike Lee" on a Google search would be his Wikipedia entry.

What can you do?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garn But Not Forgotten

So given my passing interest in politics, I have found the recent events in my home state quite interesting, wherein no less that the majority leader of the Utah State House of Representatives, Kevin Garn, has resigned pursuant to disclosure of a small impropriety: a naked hot tub party with a 15 year old. He insists there was no touching, but his victim says otherwise in this SL Tribune article.

In his public remarks last week, he "I did not want to be publicly judged by one of my life's worst decisions."

Um ... oh you didn't, did you? Well what a surprise. I mean ... I wouldn't want to be judged by sexual abuse of a minor either, but ... if I were guilty of it ... I'd pretty much be stuck with that, wouldn't I? And what's he doing avoiding a superlative here: "ONE OF MY life's worst decisions"? He's done something else that's worse than the sexual abuse of a minor?

This guy had been her Sunday School teacher and is a former LDS bishop. The shame this brings to him, Republicans in Utah, and the LDS Church is depressing, but at least he's out of office now.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Trailer for Oscar Bait Movies

This is too good not to circulate. Enjoy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hidden text test

I am trying to learn how to use the hide/reveal text function in Java Script. This is my test.

To find my hidden message, click here.


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