Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book list 2010

This year was a pretty good year for me literarily. I believe that I read more this year than ever before – including perhaps in college. Certainly I read more books of my own choosing than any other year. 2010 – the year of the book (or if you will book on CD).

I read the following books:

Swords Against Death
Treasure Island
The Road
Wishful Drinking
Death Troopers
I Am Spock

I read only the following Discworld books – frankly I think I'm tapping out on those. But there are 35+ books in the series, so that's understable:

• The Last Continent
• The Wee Free Men
• Witches Abroad
• Interesting Times

I read or reread all of the Chuck Klosterman books:

• Downtown Owl
• Fargo Rock City
• Killing Yourself to Live
• Chuck Klosterman IV
• Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa-Puffs
• Eating the Dinosaur

Because of time spent in my car on the daily commute, I've been able to "listen" to a lot of books this year, including:

My Life
Earth (The Book)
I, Robot
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 4
Anansi Boys

And I reread the following books on CD:

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Restaurant at the End of the Universe
The Old Man and the Sea
A Christmas Carol
The Hobbit

I read a lot more nonfiction this year than is typical for me, because I've found it's easier to absorb on the commute. I think my favorite book this year was Freakonomics, certainly in that nonfiction category.


joejohn said...

I read a few of the books you read. We should have had a book club.

Ivy F. said...

Did you see my list on facebook?

Scott said...

My 2010 list

On Lisp
Human Action
The Law
The Case Against the Fed
No Treason
Groundwork of Metaphysics of Morals
For a New Liberty
Ethics of Liberty
Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth
Against Intellectual Property
Theory and History
Thinking as a Science


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