Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday shows recap 2/10

Couple days late, but you can all forgive me. Here's the round-up of Our Favorite Shows from last Thursday.

No. 1 - Park and Recreation

Impudently grabbing the No. 1 spot is this week's "Parks and Rec," which beats out the other shows by bringing back whatshername from "Will and Grace" as Tami Swanson. While it can be tricky to bring back a guest star and without just recycling the script from the guest's original outing. "PnFnR" succeeded admirably by having Tami Swanson remarry Ron to become Tami Swanson Swanson. Good dynamic between Ron and Tom, and the other characters all had great moments too. (Especially Rob Lowe when he asked his assistant to join him in Indianapolis, but not his girlfriend.)

No. 2 - Community

"Community" puts in a great sophomore Valentine's episode, with hilarious jibes at Britta's faux-tolerant liberalism, a cute love story for Troy and Abed and some hot librarian, and lots of John Oliver being oh-so British. They still have no idea what to do with Shirley, and the problem is it's rapidly becoming obvious that's not a problem for the show. Hopefully they figure something out. But until they do, hope their episode quality stays this high.

The Barenaked Ladies debate was brilliant. Especially when Annie calls them "BNL."

No. 3 - The Office

This episode was also entertaining, as the office has to deal with Michael and Holly's PDA. The show continues to successfully balance its many characters. Good episode - not great - but highly watchable and very Valentines-propriate.

No. 4 - 30 Rock

"30 Rock" has grabbed the bottom slot on my weekly countdown and just run away with it! There is no stopping the levels of mediocrity this once-great show can satisfy itself with. The jokes about Canada were predictable and trite (except the ones about meth labs -- told by former stoner Harold). There were a couple other storylines, but they were likewise uninteresting. C'mon, guys! Do you think they gave you all those Emmys so you could scratch your backs with them?!?!?

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