Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday shows recap 2/17

Well it shouldn't be a surprise who came out on top this week.

No. 1 The Office

Returning to an idea that had been mentioned once in season 2, The Office debuts Michael's movie, Threat Level Midnight. It was a departure from their standard fare, in that clips of the movie were intermingled with their standard mockumentary style. Worked brilliantly with lots of laughs, and gave the show some great cameos from Karen, Jan, etc.

No. 2 Parks and Recreation

Also a clever episode, developing the character of that one guy they appear to be grooming as a love interest for Leslie. The creation of a small town pair of shock jocks, Crazy Ira and the Douche, was clever and felt painfully authentic. Also the Alta Vista jokes? Brilliant.

No. 3 30 Rock

Pretty clever business with Liz sleuthing at the end ... they have been building up to this with her dropping hints about her obsession with The Mentalist for a while. Well done.

No. 4 Community

This episode was cool in that a) it hopefully resolved the Pierce-as-dirtbag storyline and b) had Levar Burton, but no big laughs. Also good work from Abed as the documentary filmmaker. The show is still too soap operatic, but this was a pretty good installment.

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