Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday shows recap 3/18

OK so here's the roundup of our favorite shows. Note: there was no new episode of "The Office"

No. 1 Parks and Recreation

"Parks and Rec" hits it out of the park with this fantastic episode, which is so dense with character moments, intersecting storylines, and jokes that I thought it was an hour-long episode once I'd finished. Great conclusion to the Harvest Fest storyline, good use of supporting characters, and a winner all around. Leslie Knope is impossibly loveable, and Ron Swanson is a rock star of traditional midwestern moustachio'd manliness.

Best line: "You know with Pawnee's history, it's difficult to not be offensive."

No. 2 30 Rock

Season 5 of "30 Rock" has been a success so far methinks. While not as hilarious as the first three seasons, it's still been very good. This episode spoofs the reality TV show model extremely well, lampooning not only the theatrics of reality show "stars," but small details like the title sequences, transitions, and even the editting. Jack owns the episode of course, struggling against the idea that he might be portrayed as clumsy, unathletic, or gay.

No. 3 Community

This episode of "Community," like most this season, was so dull, lifeless, and unfunny that I stopped half-way through. While the bit with Britta and Troy/Abed was nice (especially since they've never really had a storyline with the three of them and I love Gillian Jacobs), everything with Chang/Shirley and the rest fell flat, and the show's soap operatic nature is continuing to advance in exactly the wrong direction. The only good joke was this sight gag:

which is actually, if you think about it, kind of sad.

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