Friday, September 2, 2011

2011 Summer Movie Recap ...

Here's a list of the films I saw this summer, from what I liked best to what I liked least. Note that I (bizarrely) avoided movies that I thought I wouldn't like.

Super 8 was the best film I saw this summer. It was both a creative concept and a loving homage to kids-adventure movies that came before it. JJ Abrams justified to me his delaying Star Trek 12.

Cowboys and Aliens deserved better reception than it got. It was a solid Western, clever twist on the alien invasion trope, and great character vehicle for a terrific ensemble cast.

Thor and Captain America are mostly equal in my mind – no doubt a product of how the films' designed synergy. By and large, I enjoyed the Captain America story more, but I am going to put Thor slightly over Cap because 1) better use of humor, 2) better romance element, and 3) I didn't feel like anything was missing. I prefer Chris Evans as an actor and Cap as a character, but the film lacked any kind of actual patriotic sentiment (like, say, American flags) or a great speech by Cap speaking to the current meme of declining American primacy.

X-Men First Class was just ok in my mind. It certainly wasn't bad, and the two leading actors were perfect as Xavier and Magneto, but my biggest problem with the film was that it wasn't about how Charles Xavier became Professor X. We don't see him learn about how to use these powers or develop his ethical code. From the first scene, as a 12 years old boy, has already done all that.

Pirates 4 could have been better than the other three, because they'd dumped the dead weight of the Orlando Bloom/Keira Knightley romance business. But instead they introduced a replacement lame romance. Weak.

Films I missed I want to see: Harry Potter 7.2, Horrible Bosses, 30 Minutes or Less.

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Emily said...

Of these I only saw X-Men and Captain America and I really enjoyed both. I had similar feelings about X as you did, not to mention I thought it was super weird to cast Mystique with a girl with a completely different body-type than the original.


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