Friday, October 7, 2011

Thursday shows roundup - 10/6

OK here's how Our Favorite Shows did last night

#1 Parks and Recreation

The story about Leslie writing a book about Pawnee is beautiful. The way the secondary characters and interwoven throughout the story affords them all the exact right amount of time while still maintaining that Leslie is indeed the star of the show. Ben's speech about ascendant nerd culture is something I've been saying for days!

#2 The Office

The Office is (so far) succeeding without Steve Carrell. The "upstairs/downstairs" aspect of the story with our characters unable to figure out how to run the warehouse was terrific.

You can definitely feel something's missing, and there's the pitfall that Andy might just be Michael Scott-lite.

#3 Community

This episode was ok. But there's still too much Chang. Making the weakest part of the show the star of an episode is a bad idea. Also the constant infighting in the group about who's popular and who's gonna get kicked out is played. Soooo played ... (The Todd guy was funny though.)

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