Saturday, November 12, 2011

TV show round up - 11/10/2011

#1 Community

So in an unusual turn of events, Community wins this week. The episode relies on eccentric interplay between the different characters in an everyday situation without becoming gimmicky. We see the classic "Jeff is kind of a rogue and has to learn lessons" and the Britta/Shirley interchange in the car works really well. Note that they seem to have completely forgotten that Shirley got pregnant, had a baby, and remarried her ex-husband -- a storyline which was completely forgettable. Allison Brie is perfect in this ep too.

#2 The Office

The antics between Dwight/Pam and Jim are hilarious. Robert California owns every scene he's in.

#3 Parks and Rec

So this has gotta be the only time Parks and Rec came in last place on this ... the episode isn't terrible, but the Ben/Leslie "they want to but they musn't!" is such a played trope and it's not much fun to watch. All the stuff with Ron and Tom is terrific, of course, and April insisting that she's "the moon" hits just the right tone for the character.

I do love how the typically self-effacing, modest Leslie can finally brag on herself talking about Model UN.

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