Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thursday roundup - 12/8

No. 1 Parks and Rec

PnFnR is back on top with a terrific episode about Leslie as a private citizen. The stuff with Ron getting choked up all the way through is perfect.

No. 2 The Office

The absence of Steve Carrell still weighs heavy on the The Office. This episode was good, but not great -- the Erin/Andy stuff just isn't interesting, but the Jim/Dwight reverse pranking was hilarious. Especially the bit with Henrietta the Porcupine.

No. 3 Community

This is a pretty good episode ... and I do appreciate that they're pranking Glee, but the episode is all pledge: no turn, no prestige. Also there's a rule in parody that you have to love the thing you're spoofing ... and there was no real love in this. (PS I hope they make it to Regionals!)

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