Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursday shows roundup - 12/1

No 1. - Community

This episode was a great example of how great embodying the standard Community model: two or three storylines with rotating groupings of the seven principles; comedy based off of the interplay among the characters' personalities, a couple over-the-top gags, and just enough touching stuff at the end.

The Dark Knight storyline on this is the best viral advertising for The Dark Knight Rises that I've seen so far -- everything else has been really weak. (Oh? Another picture of Anne Hatheway on a bike? Neat!)

Community seems to have gained some of its former glory, albeit perhaps too late?

No. 2 - The Office

Without Steve Carrell, the show lives or dies by Robert California. This episode thrives ... including a guest appearance from WNYX's very own Lisa Miller as Mrs. Robert California.

No. 3 - Parks and Rec

The whole Ben/Leslie/will they or won't they hasn't been working. Just put them together and let them be in a relationship. The best comedy from that pairing has been watching them do silly stuff together (ie role-playing as Reagan and Thatcher) and NOT on the tired "they must but they must not" business. Hopefully this episode signals the end of it ... not even a cameo by Tami 2 could save and episode that was begging for a second (and third) storyline.

Exception: Ron's business with the Internet in the cold open was brilliant as was April's attempt to sabotage the court proceeding.

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