Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday roundup

#1 Parks and Recreation

Yes, I know that this was Michael Scott's last episode of The Office, and you'd think that'd get him the win. But it doesn't Parks and Rec had a fantabulous episode which, while a silly premise (Jerry being a master painter), was executed in a hilarious way gave many of the characters the chance to shine, particularly the show's star, Leslie, who - because she is the show's "straight man" - often does not captivate the audience like Ron or April.

Great product placement with the B story at Bed Bath and Beyond.

#2 The Office

This was an episode full of both humor and heart as we bid farewell to Steve Carrell. Real opportunity for Carrell to demonstrate how the character has grown, particularly in the last year. The thing the episode suffered most from was the presence of Will Farrell. A big guest star should not detract from the most important episode of the show's anchor.

#3 30 Rock

30R also had a dynamite installment, with some excellent meta humor ("Who was the white guy in Invictus?'"), good continuity humor (bringing "back" Condi Rice), and some classic Tracy hijinx which were, while not terribly new, not terribly old either. The "three kinds of heat" that have made the show great.

#4 Community

I watched the first five minutes and gave up -- non-teacher Chang has been a dismal failure and they need to get rid of him. The storyline with him and Shirley has been even worse -- and that's what this episode was about. Let me know if it was any good.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Call - Trib op-ed

OK so yesterday was the first day my op-ed slipped out of the top 10 on the Trib website -- but four days was a pretty good run. The comments are up to about 450 now, which is probably where it will top out.

At this point I'm like, "Everyone I know has probably read it. Probably." And you wonder how many higher-ups in Salt Lake City have read it and if it will have an effect. One hopes that at least the Dollahite guy will realize, "Oh yeah - duh - feminism," and change his rhetoric ... and one likewise hopes that the "lack of initiative" girl will calm down a little bit and remember that "Nagging is nowhere near as charming as, say, charm."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trib article follow up #2

OK so as of right now:

My article was No. 2 most read on the Trib's site yesterday and it's No. 2 again today -- behind only an article with "porn" in the title and the Bagley cartoon respectively. This is indeed a good thing.

There are 423 comments. I'm still on the first page of results on a Google search. That's good Internet.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trib article follow up

SO! My Trib article has been very heavily read (note that because some have reacted negatively, I did not say "popular).


#1 Most read on SL Trib on Saturday

#3 Most read on SL Trib on Sunday

and #7 Google result when you type "lds"!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trib published my LDS marriage article

Greetings, friends. The Salt Lake Tribune published my article on LDS dating/marriage habits. Tis indeed awesome. Article here.


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