Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday roundup - 1/12

No. 1 - 30 Rock

Out of the gate for its sixth season, 30 Rock proves that it's better to wait and do something right rather than rush something to production while your star is having a baby.

The 30 Rock pilot outlined "three kinds of heat" for TGS (Jenna Maroney, that kid Josh they got rid of, and then Tracy Jordan), which has always been the show's success: three kinds of comedy (women-centric jokes (Liz), parody of corporate entertainment (Jack), and broad humor (Tracy)). This episode burns with so much of those three kinds of heat that it overcomes the one-note, time-wasting subplot with Kenneth.

Bravo. And to Liz Lemon, brava.

No. 2 - The Office

The trivia contest story was terrific, especially with the Kevin punchline at the end. In this episode, you didn't notice Michael Scott's absence.

The raccoon at the beginning was funny -- reminded me of the episode where Dwight tries to hide a feral raccoon in Holly's car.

No. 3 - Parks and Rec

Rare is it that PnR comes in third place, but it's only because the other two shows were so strong. Naturally I became a fan of Knope 2012 on Facebook before the episode was over.

The Chris/Ben subplot was great; it showed they're truly part of the ensemble now and not just guests on the show that they can carry a storyline on their own.


Bryan said...

Couldn't disagree more with 30 Rock. Thought the episode was terrible...seemed like the script was a rough draft -- too many ridiculous, on the nose subplots and gags.

Whitleypedia said...

Maybe I just missed the show a lot and need to rewatch it. The bit with Jenna retaping her excoriation of the little girl? ("Let's use my delivery on take 3 and her tears from take 2") Hilarious.


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