Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday shows roundup - 2/24

#1 - Parks and Rec

One of the advantages of an ensemble cast is the dynamics of variable couplings of the character. The "Leslie is trying to have it all but needs Ron as the voice of wisdom" isn't terribly new for the show (though still executed with the right amount of humor and tenderness), but the Chris/Andy/Champion the One-legged Dog bit was fun and new as was the Tom/Ann/April story.

Also the gimmick of accidentally putting a URL on sign was hilarious.

#2 - The Office

This one was pretty good, but the B story in Scranton is a lot more interesting than the A story in Florida. The episode juggles about 20 different characters and gives them all the right amount to do, with Dwight leading the show -- and the series' producers have realized he has to in the post-Michael world: not Andy or Robert California. The cold open with Oscar/Pam/Angela was hilarious.

#3 - 30 Rock

The concept of a show about Leap Day is original, and the "show within a show" "Groundhog's Day" parody was very clever ... but the rest of the episode falls a bit flat.

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