Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday roundup - 3/29

#1 Community

This episode of Community was so good it could have been in the first season. Three strong storylines with fun, same-yet-different dynamics between our beloved characters. The phrase "penis flytrap" is coined, and the advertainment jokes about Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Subway were dynamite.

#2 30 Rock

Again we have some hilarious advertainment (Mayor MacCheese-beth) and good jokes with the show making fun of itself. Just the right amount of Kenneth (virtually none) and a strong Liz A story.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Thursday shows roundup - 3/8

#1 Parks and Rec

Knope 2012 is a goldmine for story ideas, and Andy's mastery of his women's studies class proved for great fish-out-of-water comedy (or FOOW-medy). Jerry's Rain Man-esque display of campaign volunteerism was a great C story too -- simple enough not to distract from the A or B stories.

#2 The Office

The conclusion to the Tampa storyline is wonderful, with the Jim/Dwight frenemy-ship hitting high marks. You wonder why (spoiler alert) Jim can stop Dwight physically, given the beet farmer's training in karate and krav maga, but then you remember it's because Dwight is recovering from appendix surgery. The Girl Scout cookie-off was a great bit too.

All the stuff with Andy and Erin is dumb though -- this "will they or won't they!" thing is soooo played.

#3 30 Rock

Nothing in this episode worked (except Tracy's joke about mistaking a colonoscopy for an appointment with Colin O. Scopy). The reality show-spoofing business would have been funny five years ago -- which is the last time Kenneth actually was funny.

Also Jenna's character has improved since they got rid of McGruber, but not much.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Day Miracle

OK so I rewatched the "30 Rock" episode "Leap Day" again yesterday ... it was actually really good and I'm ashamed of not giving it the No. 1 spot last week. Everything about the episode was brilliant except for the Liz story ... but given that she's the show's main character, it kind of overwhelmed the rest.

I hope that some day we can see Jim Carrey's "Leap Day" in its entirety; they even came up with a tagline: "This February, take a leap."


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