Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thursday shows roundup - 4/27

#1 30 Rock

This episode is so good it easily captures the top spot this week AND compensates for being a Kenneth-heavy episode. Tina Fey (once) again demonstrates that she is the master of live TV. The parade of guest stars was awesome: the only one I wanted to see but didn't was Carrie Fisher reprising her role as Rosemary from season 2. (She was mentioned.) Still -- Paul McCartney? Whoot whoot! And the Kim Kardashian/Twitter joke at the end was dynamite. Very meta.

#2 Community

Normally I don't like gimmick episodes, but they really make this one work. The best thing is the way they mimic the pace of a Law and Order episode, particularly the long, silent pauses. Also the fact that Omar from The Wire features so prominently in the episode doesn't hurt either. Well done!

#3 The Office

OK so I really have issues with what they're doing with the Andy Bernard character. His original gimmicks were: a) anger, b) being a bit of a poser, and c) music. Instead nowadays all they really do is b) being a bit of a poser, and amplify it to Michael Scott-ian levels. BUT this episode works because of the strong performances by the ensemble. (Donna Noble trying to suck up to Darryl was hilarious.)

#4 Parks and Rec

This is a solid episode with some great character moments from all involved --- great writer/director debut from Amy Poehler.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

In memoriam: Elisabeth Sladen

One year ago today, Elisabeth Sladen died of cancer. World famous for her portrayal as the plucky Sarah Jane Smith, she's the only actor from the "Doctor Who" mythos to successfully bridge the classic and modern series. When she died, literally hundreds of tribute videos were uploaded to YouTube.

Here's the best one.

Friday, April 6, 2012

30 Rock rips off Simpsons!

Hey! 30 Rock ripped off a Simpson episode last night! Tracy Jordan's subhuman intelligence was the result of getting something jammed up his nose as a child; when it's removed he behaves well and connects with the most important female in his life, but - to hit the reset button - has to jam it back up at the end of the episode. Exact same plot as this Simpsons episode.


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