Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thursday shows roundup - 4/27

#1 30 Rock

This episode is so good it easily captures the top spot this week AND compensates for being a Kenneth-heavy episode. Tina Fey (once) again demonstrates that she is the master of live TV. The parade of guest stars was awesome: the only one I wanted to see but didn't was Carrie Fisher reprising her role as Rosemary from season 2. (She was mentioned.) Still -- Paul McCartney? Whoot whoot! And the Kim Kardashian/Twitter joke at the end was dynamite. Very meta.

#2 Community

Normally I don't like gimmick episodes, but they really make this one work. The best thing is the way they mimic the pace of a Law and Order episode, particularly the long, silent pauses. Also the fact that Omar from The Wire features so prominently in the episode doesn't hurt either. Well done!

#3 The Office

OK so I really have issues with what they're doing with the Andy Bernard character. His original gimmicks were: a) anger, b) being a bit of a poser, and c) music. Instead nowadays all they really do is b) being a bit of a poser, and amplify it to Michael Scott-ian levels. BUT this episode works because of the strong performances by the ensemble. (Donna Noble trying to suck up to Darryl was hilarious.)

#4 Parks and Rec

This is a solid episode with some great character moments from all involved --- great writer/director debut from Amy Poehler.

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