Monday, May 21, 2012

The Final Frontier ... finally: Star Trek on Mad Men

So I have been wondering when they would finally make a Star Trek reference on Mad Men; I had long suspected that Kinsey would be the guy to do it, since they establish him as a sci fi fan in season 1 when he references the Twilight Zone

Given that Cosgrove has been writing science fiction, I thought they'd have him mention Trek but I guess not. 

In last night's episode, which featured the return (albeit not triumphant) of Kinsey, he's not only watching the show, but he's written a spec script for it. The bit about the Negrons and Caucasoids or whatever was a reference to this uniquely awful episode, "The Omega Glory," where Shatner delivers perhaps the most ham-fisted speech of his career.  

See in this episode, the Enterprise encounters space Americas (Yangs, or Yankees) versus the Chinese (Kohms, or communists). 

Well done, Mad Men!

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