Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trailing The Competition?

"No, I don't like movies, I don't go to movies, most movies suck. So when someone asks me to go to a movie you know what I say? 'I don't like movies, I don't go to movies, most movies suck.'"

- Joe, News Radio

OK so people complain all the time that Hollywood has no fresh ideas and all they do is adapt and reboot existing properties (comic books, TV shows, Smurfs, Ameritrash board games). And they're right.


If there's one thing Hollywood is better at than ever before, it's movie trailers. Movie trailers, once the province of people waiting in a theater, are now the third-most viewed videos online (after news and user-generated content) so of course more attention is going to be paid to making them stand out and entertain in their own right. (In fact given that many official trailers feature advertising, an entertaining trailer becomes a source of revenue for the film rather than an expense to advertise it.)

Here, for example, is the Les Miserables trailer (2012). (Thanks to my friend Bryan over at Film Geekery for the send.)

Part of the brilliance of this trailer is specifically focusing on the Fantine character --- women tend to be fans of musicals; women are more likely to suggest to their husbands/boyfriends to go see this than vice verse. Even though the male leads are more important to the story (and have higher billing), by highlighting the female lead they're playing to their key demo better. 

NOW compare it to this trailer for Les Miserables (1998).

One of them gives you goosebumps and doesn't make you think of Simon Cowell. The other feels like a boring literature class in high school.

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pb1988 said...

I have do admit that Hugh Jackman? 100% hit on the Les Mis musical film. Russell Crowe? Hmmm. Anne Hathaway? No. We'll have to see more.


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