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How DC Can Get Its Groove Back, Part 2

Despite being crushed for the last 15 years at the box office by Marvel, DC/Warner Brothers has several advantages in general where adapting its properties to the big screen are concerned, which we looked at yesterday. Today we’ll examine how they can specifically make a Justice League movie that doesn’t suck.

#1 Do it in reverse. After Man of Steel next year, just go straight to a Justice League movie. F’crying out loud, much of the work in setting up the Justice League was already done on Smallville

All completely pointless to have on a team with Superman ... if you think about it

You don’t need to introduce all these iconic characters to an audience like you did Thor or Iron Man, so you can just jump to the main event after Supes has laid some foundation. Then subsequent films with individuals can be made based on Justice League’s success.

#2 Don’t screw up the line-up. The Avengers has always had a pretty set line-up, but Justice League is a revolving door: pretty much every hero has been a member at some point, a point highlighted dramatically with Justice League Unlimited, where they put every hero on the team all at once.

All STILL completely pointless to have on a team with Superman ... if you think about it

Of course the core line-up is Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhuner, and Green Lantern – but this isn’t who they should go with. It’s too big (Avengers had four team members with two secondary characters, one of whom was muscle for the bad guy for most of the film) – they should keep the team at five.

Obviously you have to include Supes and Bats. I would add Flash as well, since he’s a relatively well-known property and doesn’t have a counterpart in the Avengers (which is why Green Arrow will struggle to hit the target - ah ha). Also Flash's power and costume are cool visually. Of course you’d have to use the Wally West Flash and not Barry Allen.

I would also add Green Lantern, since he’s already been adapted (but see below on casting)

I feel guilty leaving Martian Manhunter off the list, but I think you have to at the start. His back-story and power-source are virtually identical to Superman, he has kind of a weird name, and you want the team to be more Earth-grounded, since it already includes one alien and one guy who works in outer space. No regrets about striking Aquaman off.

So this leaves our fifth spot, and it has to be a girl. Wonder Woman, right? Wrong. Again, it needs to be Earth-grounded (they’re even billing the JL film as “very real world!”), so you can’t have another alien on the team. So who should the girl be? 


She has a great costume, different powers than the rest of the League, and a terrific catch (speaking her spells backwards). The one flaw of the DCAU Justice League was the inclusion of Hawkgirl instead of Zat.

But you can’t ignore WW, can you? No. Just remember her when you …

#3 Don’t screw up the bad guy. And the best way to do that is to make the bad guy Wonder Woman. The movie could start with her leading an assault by Amazons on “man’s world” because she’s being manipulated by Darkseid or Vandal Savage or Doctor Destiny or even (best of all) Lex Luthor. She joins the team during the third act after seeing the error of her ways.

Another of DC’s liabilities is (Batman notwithstanding) they have a pretty lame rogue’s gallery. Even with Superman, their signature character, you have Lex, Braniac, and then a whole lotta nothing. Making Wonder Woman the villain would ensure that the primary villain seen on movie posters has as much gravitas as the heroes.

#4 Don’t screw up the cast. OK this is an important one. Avengers succeeded overwhelmingly because of the strength of RDJ as Tony Stark in three previous movies. Warner Bros has already cast Superman. No indication on who would play Batman after Christian Bale hangs up the cape and cowl, but his is the least important because it’s the character that’s already the best known.

Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan. He has oodles of nerd street cred, he’s perfect for the role, and if you had already done it, people would have seen Green Lantern. You don’t need to divorce yourself from an under-performing individual film (like Incredible Hulk) if it’s salvageable (unlike Hulk). This is so obvious I can't believe no one ever thought of it - OH WAIT we did!

Zooey Deschanel as Zatanna


Neil Patrick Harris as Flash. He’s charming and has great comedic timing. He has nerd street cred because of Dr Horrible, mass appeal because of HIMYM, and stoner appeal because of Harold and Kumar. And oh yeah he’s already done Flash.

Morena Baccarin for Wonder Woman. Obviously it would be great to see her and Fillion on screen together again, she can do tough and sexy equally well, and she would add some much-needed (ahem) color to the line-up. Wonder Woman is supposed to be Mediterranean anyway, so a Brasillian is technically a better fit than a white lady. 

Terry O'Quinn as anybody. He's bald, so people would like him as Lex, but he could play just about any villain well. 

 Just don't tell him what he can't do

Like I say about the Arrested Development movie, I’ll believe that there’s a Justice League movie when I see it. I really think Marvel just has too much of a head start. But DC/WB has some huge advantages, and can make a successful Justice League movie … unless they screw it up. 

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