Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trek Top 20: #11 Peak Performance

This is episode is my unsung hero of TNG, yet it doesn’t make a lot of “best of” lists and isn’t otherwise remembered for much other than the pre-Quark cameo by Armin Shimmerman.

The reason this episode is so good is that they find great character moments for EVERY member of the crew: Riker is the awesome leader, Picard is the wise mentor, Worf is the cunning warrior, Data deals with an insecurity complex (!), Wesley’s shtick for saving the day makes perfect sense, and Pulaski isn’t remotely annoying. Add in a great fight scene and the Strategema business and you have a 10/10 episode.

Also Worf’s line “Guile!” set the standard for his gruff one-liners. 

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