Monday, September 10, 2012

Trek Top 20: #2 In the Pale Moonlight

So I should mention the episode The Visitor. While it usually tops any DS9 list, I am not as big a fan of The Visitor as others because it cheats the audience twice: first, by replacing Cirric Lofton with another actor as Jake Sisko and second, by pulling an “it was all a dream” business at the end. Sure, Ben Sisko has a memory of what happens, but no one else does: noticeably not the protagonist of the episode.

Also the girl who seeks Jake Sisko out is completely unimportant to us because we’ve never seen her before and we never see her again. They should have made it another one of the regulars or recurring characters (or perhaps a grown-up Molly O’Brien). Or perhaps the next bearer of the Dax symbiont. 

Vastly outstripping it is the following:

Regarded widely as one of – if not the very best – of DS9, this episode (like the next one on our list) shows that all you need is a great script, a commanding lead, and a cunning recurring character to make Trek gold. This episode is vintage DS9: a host of complicated characters, shadowy agendas, and a pyrrhic victory.

Kind of an odd title, since it takes its cue from Batman.

My bro suggested once that it should have been called “The First Brick,” referencing the Mark Twain quote “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” – which Sisko actually quotes in the episode. But whatevs. This episode is also renowned for introducing the popular Internet meme “it’s a fake”

This review by SF Debris nails the episode.

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