Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trek Top 20: #8 Trouble with Tribbles and #9 Troubles and Tribble-ations

Ah you all knew this would be on the list. This episode has only improved with age and rightly belongs on every Trek fan’s top 10 list. Among the best scripts in the franchise, and certainly the funniest:  

Capt. Kirk: How close will we come to the nearest Klingon outpost if we continue on our present course?
Chekov: Ah, one parsec, sir. Close enough to smell them.
Spock: That is illogical, Ensign. Odors cannot travel through the vacuum of space.
Chekov: I was making a little joke, sir.
Spock: Extremely little, Ensign. 

Korax: Kirk may be a swaggering, overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood, but he's not soft.

Baris: In my opinion, you have taken this important project far too lightly.
Kirk: On the contrary, sir. I think of this project as very important. It is you I take lightly.

My favorite bit is how Kirk and Koloth are bending over backwards to be so polite to each other that they’re practically flirting. 

KOLOTH: Ah, my dear Captain Kirk.
KIRK: My dear Captain Koloth.

And as for the episode’s nostalgic companion piece? C’mon.

This was an episode that only DS9 could do – if TNG had done it, it would have undermined their efforts to spread their own wings; if VOY had done it, it would have looked like they were trying too hard; if ENT had done it, no one would have noticed. 

Also the whole idea of time travel becoming soooo commonplace for Starfleet that it needs its own X-Files-esque investigation team is a delightful bit of self-parody. 

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