Saturday, May 11, 2013

Office Top 10 List: #5 – The Convict

This I believe is the episode (along with “The Merger” right before it) that marks the turning point from where the show was just an imitation of the UK version to its own creature, with the merging of the Scranton and Stamford branches. Wonderful display of Michael’s desire (albeit inability) to be politically correct. This also features what might be my very favorite Office scene ever (in fact it was my 2012 Halloween costume): Prison Mike.

Prison Mike - watch more funny videos     


Michael: Close your eyes. Picture a convict. What's he wearing? Nothing special. Baseball cap on backward, baggy pants. He says something ordinary like, 'yo that's shizzle'. Okay, now slowly open your eyes again. Who you picturing? A black man? Wrong. That was a white woman. Surprised? Well shame on you.

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