Saturday, May 11, 2013

Office Top 10 List: #7 – Survivor Man

The best thing about The Office is also the worst thing about The Office: Michael Scott going nuts. In some episodes he goes so overboard, that it breaks plausibility (that he hasn’t for example been fired or beaten up by one of the warehouse workers).

This one does that best methinks, with Michael trying to become (essentially) a reality show star in the wilderness, Dwight enabling him, and Jim proving completely incapable of getting birthdays right.

I love Michael’s showing up at the end in an oversized Battlestar Galactica sweatshirt (obviously Dwight’s). I love even more that they never draw explicit attention to it … like “30 Rock” did a year later.


Michael Scott: Just wait. 10 years, you'll figure it out.

Jim Halpert:     Well, I don't think I'll be here in 10 years, but...

Michael Scott: That's what I said. [pause] That's what she said.

Jim Halpert:     That's what who said?

Michael Scott: I never know. I just say it. I say stuff like that, you know, to lighten the tension, when things sort of get hard--

Jim Halpert:     That's what she said.

Michael Scott: Hey! Nice! Really good. [pause] Bravo. My young 'ward.

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