Friday, May 10, 2013

Office Top 10 List: #9 – Boys and Girls

So a frequent criticism of the American version of The Office is that it owes too much to the British version. I agree with this criticism. The stuff that the US version cribbed from the UK version sucked because the UK version isn’t really that funny. Case in point: Jan. The whole dynamic with Michael and Jan was only OK, but they did it because they had to from the UK version. But it works in this episode as we see Michael oddly trying to compete with her by forming a “men in the workplace” breakout session to counter Jan’s with the female staff.

Pam loses it when she realizes she isn’t strong enough to chase her dreams, even when the company she ostensibly hates offers to help her achieve them. (Remember: Pam is a loser, but Jenna Fisher is an INCREDIBLE dramatic actress.)

This is also the breakthrough episode for the warehouse (notably Daryl).


Michael: What is more important than quality? Equality.

Kelly: How can someone so beautiful be so sad?

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